Not Just Another YachtaYachtaYachta! :: Fearless Yachts, Design by Porsche

Have you heard about this latest hook-up? The magical Siegfried and Roy pairing I’m referring to is: Fearless and Porsche.

With nearly $10 Million in pre-orders for the new Porsche Design Studio Yacht, “Fearless 28,” the Fearless Production facility is already at 75% capacity. So you’d better not dilly-dally if you want one of these sexy 28-footers which can go from Zero to Sixty in 20 seconds, with a 525hp Viper power plant and a top speed of more than 80 mph, we’re talking about kicking some serious high-seas butt!

Since the “Fearless 28” is the first release of a 5 yacht series, perhaps you might want to wait for something a bit more deluxe! The release of the designs for the “Fearless 44”, the next in the line is expected to hit the market any day. But I’m saving my millions for the “Fearless 68”-with room to stretch out!

Visit their gorgeous Website.

By Vagablond’s Token Redhead — who wants a Porsche sportscar for the holidays!

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