Traffic Killed Your Flight at JFK? Take a Chopper Next Time: US Helicopter, New York

US Helicopter Why brave traffic if you don’t have to? It’s never fun, even if you’re in a limo. The best thing to do if you can’t get through traffic is to fly right over it. US Helicopter has flights that can get you from Manhattan to JFK or Newark in only eight minutes. At the airport, they even check your bags and get you straight through security to the gate.

While US Helicopter’s Sikorsky S76 helicopters were designed to carry twelve passengers, US Helicopter’s Sikorskys seat eight for extra comfort. They leave from heliports at 13 stations around Manhattan, including the New York Stock Exchange, The United Nations, Madison Square Garden, and the Empire State Building.

Prices for a flight are surprisingly low for the amount of time you’ll save on the trip. For a one-way trip from Manhattan to JFK, the fare is $159. With flights that leave every half hour during the busiest commute times, it’ll be a wonder if you ever drive again.


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