Dré Wapenaar’s Tree House Creates Record


If you are willing to shell out a whooping $50,000 for a tree house, then the most expensive tree house can be yours. “Posh Spice” Victoria Beckham once bought such a tree house for her kids.

The tree tent looks like an overgrown pear that is hung from the tree branches. The famous Dutch sculptor and designer Dré Wapenaar was the creator of this tree house. This 13-foot long tent features a hardwood floor with a diameter of nine-foot, a round mattress to fit two adults comfortably and changeable earthly landing steps.

It is one of the best options for the billionaires who are willing to enjoy the experience of camping by avoiding the inconveniences of the natural atmosphere. It is out of reach of most common people, as it is limited edition; there are many celebrities who are waiting in the queue to own this beautiful and pricey tree house to spend a day or two in a different way.

Via: Most-expensive.net

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