Movers & Shakers Celebrate The Great Quake: San Francisco

My grandparents survived the quake and my father was born five months later. Tomorrow morning around 4:30 am, they’ll be there in spirit with about 25,000 people at Lotta’s Fountain at the corner of Kearny and Market Streets to celebrate, commemorate and salutate the 100th anniversary of the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake and Fire — the nation’s most destructive natural diaster until Hurricane Katrina.

Some will be in period costumes. Some will be survivors over 100 years old. All will gather around the city’s oldest monument, a fountain that was the meeting place for survivors a century ago. There will be video screens, speeches, bells tolling and a moment of silence to honor the dead.

Read the story at SF Gate: Countdown to 5:12 am., April 18.

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  1. Hey Gil,

    I saw your Mayor on the CTV news…he looks about 29.

  2. Ava:
    He’s a bit older than that but he’s a real babe magnet and has a bright political future. After divorcing his wife, he’s dating an LA TV starlet.

  3. Which starlet?

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