Meet your teddy at the eco-resort Southern Ocean Lodge


The third largest island of Australia, the Kangaroo Island nestles the Southern Ocean Lodge in the pristine natural bush land on the cliff of Hanson bay that offers the scenic beauty of the coastline of the wild Southern Ocean while pampering the guests with its organic luxury blended with sophistication. It is a fabulous eco-resort with 21 elegantly designed suites; all made of light weight materials and can be carried in with minimum site disturbance. The foundations are built from steel screw piles with timber frames and the facing is done in fibre cement and iron. The flooring is done with recycled stone and timber. Generation of electricity and waste water treatment are done on site. The roofs are designed following the slope of the landscape and it allows collecting rainwater in the galvanized iron tanks. These tanks are the iconic symbols of the dry rural areas of the country. The architecture of the eco friendly lodge resembles the dramatic site with its iconic accommodation. The koalas sleeping on the slender branches, the kangaroos and some other impressive wildlife are always ready to welcome the guests on the island.


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