The Opus Hotel Vancouver :: Why it makes me think of Beverly Hills 90210…

The Opus Vancouver exudes the kind of contemporary elegance that is unparalleled. A far cry from the cheese factor that is Beverly Hills 90210. So let me explain…..

I’m going to reveal a little embarrassing tidbit about myself. I was a HUGE fan of Beverly Hills 90210, in the early days before they kicked Shannon Doherty to the curb for being nasty. One thing I always thought was so cool was the fact that Dylan Mckay lived in a hotel. The reason for my little admission is that I realized something during my stay at the Opus Vancouver. If I had to choose a hotel to live in (ideally with Luke Perry) it would be the Opus.

I could likely list close to 50 things I LOVED about the Opus, but here is my to 10 in no particular order.

1. The heated tiles – very nice touch
2. The linens – a soft and gentle slumber on the most magical material
3. The snack bar/fridge – stylish munchies and Opus gear to boot
4. Turn down service – delicious Bernard Callebaut chocolates
5. Earplugs – a bit necessary because of the construction, but very thoughtful
6. Push to green – they are pushing some green initiatives, such as they give free valet parking to energy efficient cars
7. The service – second to none, pleasant and professional
8. Common areas – simply elegant and posh all at the same time
9. 02 – who needs an oxygen bar, when you have your own can in the room
10. Location – absolutely love Yaletown ( and I think Luke Perry would too), great restaurants and nightlife

I want to put a bit more emphasis on #7 – the service. With the right amount of cash and a fantastic designer most folks could roll out a hip looking hotel, which the Opus has done in spades. I arrived minus a bag thanks to Air Canada and the staff made sure it was waiting for me in my room that night. I left a precious memento in my room and they promptly couriered it to me via sea plane so it was waiting for me on the island after I got off my boat cruise. That made it seem almost too easy and were so eager to help out without the slightest hint of annoyance.

There is a reason celebrities flock to the Opus and that they have started to expand to other cities such as Montreal. The Opus, simply put, is the epitome of what a boutique hotel should be.

Opus Vancouver
322 Davie Street
Vancouver, BC V6B 5Z6, Canada
(604) 642-6787

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  1. Ava:
    This is a fantastic story about a hotel that I will definitely stay on during my next visit to Vancouver for a wedding next year.

  2. Bagley Jenkins says:

    Hahaha! Dylan McKay.

    Loved your review about the Opus. Am headed to the Opus in Montreal in September for a conference.
    I can’t wait.

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