Loose Yourself in the Deepness of a Precious Blue Sapphire Ornament


An enchanting and heavenly blue sapphire is something too desirable for any woman. In fact, did you know, blue sapphires are the most popular gems sold in the US. Just imagine the sparkle in her eyes every time she will proudly show off her exclusive sapphire ring and this driving force is enough to make you buy one such exquisite sapphire ring.

The most expensive among the blue sapphires are brought from Kashmir, Burma and Sri Lanka. Any woman will simply crave for an expensive blue sapphire priced at $25,000 to $30,000 on a per carat basis. However, in your quest for the dazzling gems do not be lured by the fancy sapphires, which are not blue as they are not genuine.

Sapphire rings for wedding is a fabulous gift you can give your wife and what’s best, she can use it for regular wear. In fact, Princess Diana’s engagement ring was that of a blue sapphire. The Kashmiri blue sapphires are so expensive as they come with gold and platinum settings and thus India boasts of auctioning the most expensive blue sapphire at the Christie’s at $135,000 per carat the previous year.

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