Longitude 131: The Illusionary Camp


Longitude 131, the small but ultra-stylish luxurious boutique hotel is positioned at the very heart of the Australian continent. You will get a chance to explore the Outback in five-star luxury. This luxurious retreat is set against the backdrop of the majestic Uluru. You get the chance to enjoy the desert getaway in the shadow of Australia’s most iconic natural landmark.

To make an illusion of camping, the hotel’s private luxury tents are designed in that way. This is the perfect place to relax in the climate-controlled comfort of a king-sized bed under a dome of flowing white fabric. Each of it is here decorated with visual narratives paying tribute to an early Australian explorer. With a flip of a key, the cozy space opens up as the blind rise to reveal breathtaking views of the sun rising over Uluru.

The dining room and the bar offer you a very cozy atmosphere. This place offers you some unique and delicious cuisines.

Via: luxury-insider.com

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