Winter Trails: Free Snow Sports For All

Winter Trails, an annual international event that introduces newcomers to snow sports, will take place on Jan. 6, 2007 at more than 100 locations across the U.S. and Canada. Winter Trails offers free snowshoeing and/or cross country skiing for children and adults new to snow sports.

Last year, events took place in 25 states, four Canadian provinces with 12,000+ children and adults participated.

“During the cold months, we slow down and hibernate, adding pounds to the waistline. Winter Trails is a great way to learn winter outdoor activities that are fun and create new accomplishments,” said David Ingemie, president of SIA. “Winter sports even burns many calories – about 500 per hour. Participating in sports, such as cross-country skiing and snowshoeing, keeps one fit and active.”

Winter Trails Day is part of the Winter Feels Good grassroots public awareness campaign that promotes health, fitness and social benefits of snow sports participation. The events are held at Nordic Centers, U.S. Forest Service and Parks lands and at selected local ski resorts. Equipment is provided free by venue or product suppliers. Many venues offer educational programs, lessons, clinics and guided tours.

NOTE: To find participating states and venues in New England, Mid-Atlantic, Midwest, Rocky Mountains, West/Pacific Coast and Canada, use this link.

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