Live a lavish life in Qatari village situated on the Persian Gulf


The Sharq Village rests on the secluded beach of the Persian Gulf in Doha and offers the peerless view of the Arabian Sea through its 350 meters meandering coastline with an array of palm trees. The beach resort features 174 guestrooms, each of which reveal a traditional design in architecture with a reflection of modern style. The 14 villas distributed over the private beach house the 174 guestrooms and suites with the highest standard of luxury. This resort has been designed following the idyllic village of Qatar. The ultimate destination of luxury with overwhelming elegancy is found at the Royal Villa of the resort covering an area of 2099 sq. m. The ground level comprises two spacious and exclusive single bedroom suites and two highly decorated chic and posh double bedroom suites. The most attractive part of this hotel is the outdoor majlis. The gourmet section varies from the authentic Arabian dishes and ends with Swedish and Thai dishes. There are 23 spa treatment rooms designed in Qatari village style with natural way of treatment with mud baths and stone massage beds.


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