Leica O-series 1923 priced at $551,151


Days pass by very fast and in this busy lifestyle, it is quite difficult to preserve our memorable moments of a lifetime in our memory alone. So, a camera is very important to take the shots of those memorable moments that one loves to preserve forever. With the advancement of technology, every day a newer model is coming up, and most people across the world keep updating their cameras. But how would you feel like if you had a vintage camera which was an asset in your collection of cameras?

The O-series camera from Leica which was in market in 1923 has recently been auctioned at a whopping price of $551,151. Its price is almost 100 times more than the average price of any contemporary digicam. This black body camera was manufactured in Germany and is one of the earliest portable cameras. 25 cameras of the same series were produced at that time to export these items in New York. Among those 25 pieces, only the top of this piece says the word ‘Germany’ which was engraved on it during manufacturing. Its analog viewfinder technology with LED illumination system was rare in that time. So if you are wealthy enough to afford this camera, this is the ultimate choice for your exclusive collection of cameras.

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