Legendary Cap Estel cocooned by Mediterranean serenity and tranquility


Nestled between Monaco and Nice on the magnificent French Riveria in a secluded 5 acre private peninsular area, Cap Estel is a legendary building of the 19th century guarded by the endless Mediterranean Sea. Serenity and tranquility cocoons the entire peninsular resort and offers guests an 1800 view of the pristine azure sea water under the blue open sky. The entire meandering coastline along Nice and Monaco is also visible from this luxurious resort. The 12 suites and the 8 deluxe rooms are along the coastline offer a unique atmosphere for guests to enjoy their intimacy while experiencing a glamorous lifestyle in this chic and posh retreat. The close proximity to the sea ensures a soothing blend of the silence of the sea with the souls of the guests. The resort houses a main building along with a separate building, La Corniche and there are two other spacious bungalows, La Parc and La Mer. All the accommodations are attached with a balcony or a terrace to help guests enjoy the full picturesque view of the blue sea.

Via www.capestel.com

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