The Nines – Portland Oregon

simms_ninesThe Nines is part of the Starwood Luxury Collection.

This is likely going to surprise a few of you. I don’t like to be fussed over too much. You’re may be thinking, ‘why the heck would she have a luxury travel blog then?’ Perhaps I believe there is a fine line between elegant and over-the-top. Where am I going with this, well in regards to the Nines in Portland, they perfected their fuss-o-meter to error on the right side of not being pretentious.

The hotel is situated on the 8th floor of the historic Meier & Frank Building, right across from Pioneer Square. Fun fact the first escalator n Portland was found in the department store back in 1922…and Clark Gable worked in the tie department that same year. (Thank you good ol’ wikipedia)

I rolled into town on a Friday night and stayed over 3 nights. If you read through Trip Advisor, many folks talk about the hallways being reminiscent of a Tiffany Box. Certainly in color, and if it inspires get enough they only have to walk a couple blocks to visit the actual jewelry store. Everything is a stones throw from the hotel. The true measure of my comfort level and the dining options in the hotel, in that I had a good portion of my meals in the room or at one of their two restaurants – Departure and The Urban Farmer. This is rather out of character for me, but the food was just that scrumptious it was hard to leave the hotel.

The hotel has a variety of interesting art pieces, but the stand out piece for me was by Melody Owen. Situated in 8th floor grand stairwell, grand stairwell chandelier is a piece called Bird Song. Owen used glass, LEDs and steel for a 30-foot hanging structure with 11 strands to illustrate the audio waves of bird songs from the Pacific Northwest region. It is absilutely captivating. After you have stared at this piece for a few minutes (it is actually worth a trip down the stairs so you can see it from a different angle) I would highly recommend taking a trip around the corner to visit the Library. This is elegant room where guest can relax and mingle over a cocktail while playing a game of snooker, or reading a book.

When I travel I feel obliged to stay at different hotels if I have been to the specific city before. I may have to make an exception when I am next in Portland, as the lure of the Nines may just be too powerful.

The Nines Hotel
525 SW Morrison
Phone: 1-877-229-9995

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