Lady Marjorie’s and Sir Edward’s Suites on Luxury Sea Cloud Cruise


If you are looking for a personalized holiday while on board, the Sea Cloud Cruise the ultimate destination for you. You can enjoy the beauty of the world from a very different perspective. Spend you cruise vacation in Lady Marjorie’s and Sir Edward’s Suites that are regarded as the best in the business.

This vintage vessel will make you feel like you are on board a royal yacht than a cruise ship. Lady Marjorie, with her exquisite taste, originally designed this suite. It is almost like a luxurious home on sea. Despite renovation the suites are restored their vintage feel and decoration of its owner, with the addition of some modern amenities. Marjorie’s suite is more feminine and lavish, with gold gilt wainscoting and white walls. It also has a canopy bed and a huge, stylish bath with two portholes. Sir Edward’s suite is Jazzy and colorful, with dark furniture, delicate pine paneled walls, and a huge gorgeous bath. Decorative fireplaces in both the rooms ooze romance.


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