Kobe Renga-tei Steak Restaurant


A tour to Japan, Tokyo remains incomplete if you fail to try out the favourite beef steak by the Kobe Beef Company. These steaks are a a sumptuous example of the passion and efforts of the chefs here. The Kobe Renga-tei Steak Restaurant is one of the best places featuring some of the best beef delicacies in Tokyo.

The Kobe Filet at Kobe Renga-tei Steak Restaurant is one of the prime delicacies and this all women chef restaurant is indeed one of the most expensive steak houses in Japan serving Special Kobe Filet worth 24,000 Yen ($246). This is surely a treat for a 160 gram filet coupled with salmon, salad and dessert.

Technically “The Wagyu Beef” is also known as “Kobe Beef” and it is the final masterpiece regarding Japanese Beef. Wagyu gives the best quality beef. The meat of Wagyu simply melts in the mouth and you experience an absolutely heavenly burst of succulent flavor as soon as you take the first bite.

Few of the best items of steaks that you can enjoy from Kobe Beef are Kobe Beef Tomahawk Steaks, Kobe Beef Flat Iron Steaks, Kobe Beef Filet Mignon Steaks, and Kobe Beef Top Sirloin Steaks to name some.

Via: 1-800-kobebeef.com

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