Kids can enjoy their days in the Chateaus at the Nemacolin Woodlands Resort


A family friendly resort, Nemacolin Woodlands Resort sprawled over 2,000 acres in a wooded landscape, is a perfect holiday destination for families in the Laurel Highlands of Southwestern Pennsylvania. The woodland retreat is a perfect escape for families where adults and kids can enjoy almost every activity they will love to experience. Driving, white water rafting and golf are the most popular activities among adults while kids really gets excited to do the animal safari. Apart from the entertainment, the accommodations in this classic European hotel are also very gorgeous where comfort and luxury is blended into the atmosphere. The Chateau leads to 124 highly decorated elegant rooms through a grand lobby. The rooms are embellished with vaulted ceilings to give a royal impression with crystal chandeliers hanging from different walls. The crown molding on the ceilings looks very rich and elegant. Other gorgeous accommodations include the spacious Lodge, Town Homes and Luxury Homes and the most spectacular Falling Rock.


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