Island lifestyle in villas at Fiji Hideaway Resort & Spa


Experiencing tropical sunrise and sunset of Coral Coast along the meandering coast line of the legendary Pacific Ocean is a magnificent scene which can be perfectly viewed from Fiji Hideaway Resort & Spa. The resort area is carpeted with talcum white sands bordered by lush greenery to enhance the natural beauty here. Guests are overwhelmed by the setting of the resort where the rainforests greet the guests with arms outstretched and the marine life welcomes the guests as they step into the island. The stunning tropical sea life is an additional beauty to the guests, which they enjoy while relaxing on the sea shore where the breaking waves kiss their feet. The accommodation varies in style and design and offers a beachfront setting to guests so that they can enjoy the beauty of the vast and endless ocean till the ocean meets the horizon. All the havens of the resort are villa styled to ensure a perfect island lifestyle.


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