Taste of authentic Indian flavors at Bukhara in New Delhi


If a gourmet wants to enjoy an authentic Indian taste in a luxurious environment, Bukhara in New Delhi is the perfect gastronomic enclave. This place offers delicious Indian eateries with a special focus on North Indian dishes. This has been the favorite place for Indian flavors for the former President of United States, Bill Clinton as well. It is not only the former President who relished Indian cuisine here, present President Obama and the Secretary of State of his administration, Hilary Clinton have also savored an Indian meal here when they visited this country in 2010. Lentils, baked breads and mixed meats are the specialty here with a bit of their rich Dal Makhani to indulge the taste buds of the diner. Marinated and grilled meats, known as Tandoor, are a mouthwatering treat that every non vegetarian diner will love to taste. For vegetarians, this eating hub also offers Tandoor salads and paneer (cottage cheese) to retain the same delicious flavor in their vegetarian menu as well.

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