Just a Tease… What’s The Wonder In The Wonder Room?

Short on details… but long on pre-opening buzz — it’s hard to pin down exactly what Selfridge’s new 20 million pound project- the Wonder Room will look like. Slated to open this fall, I’ve heard reports that it will be about 30,000 square feet and will be offering a changing collection of truly wondrous , exotic and esoteric items ranging for $16 to $16,000.

Diamond watches, wine, antique books and Birkin bags this room will showcase its namesake, the Wunderkammer. It’s walls will be lined with the unusual, the special, both old and new and even with some art projects. All designed to inspire, to tap into the imagination and to turn Selfridges’ into an extraordinary shopping experience.

If you want to put in your two-cent’s worth: Selfridges is inviting you to e-mail them your idea of wonder (it could be an egg, a planet, the moon).

In 25 words or less e-mail your idea and say why, to [email protected], before 30th April 2007, for your chance to appear in their website or even make it into the Wonder Book, that will mark all the opening of Wonder Room.

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