It’s Good To Be The King: The Margarita King Featured in PLUGLA Magazine

I had heard about this new bottled margarita drink that was making its way through celebrity parties and such, so I decided to check it out. A new magazine,, that brings news of the hippest trends in and around Los Angeles recently had Giovanni Fernandez on the cover.

Fernandez created his perfect Margarita cocktail while running a string of restaurants in California. Now the stuff is getting a lot of exposure and most of it is from the stars that he socializes with. His website, The Margarita King, is more fun than a Hollywood disco and portrays his product as THE thing to drink if you want to be as hip as Usher, Paris Hilton or Jessica Alba.

A Business Week article mentions how Giovanni has become famous by basically chillin’ with the celebs. I say CHEERS to getting your product sampled and slurped by the elite of our society!

I read where a writer for Playboy thought the stuff was way too tart for his “sensitive�? taste. Well, as luck has it, I happen to like tart! That is, I like it (I’m not saying I am one). And most of the ladies I hang out with also like the tart candied lime flavor they taste in the Margarita King’s 34 proof elixir.

Who can’t appreciate the pre-mixed, ready-made, all-in-one bottle of spirits that contributes to the ease of partying and allows you to remain stress-free as the guests arrive and mingle? I mean sure you can create your own drinks. And sure you could mix together all those fancy ingredients you rushed to the store to get, but other than Rachel Ray, who really wants to do that?

My girlfriend went to the trouble of buying one of those fancy margarita makers. It was an attractive machine, but having to add ice after each batch of drinks and being forced to yell over the incessant noise coming from the grinding gear was distracting.

When it comes to entertaining with tropical mixed drinks and libations, I think the Margarita King is king. Life these days is way too hectic for preparation to get in the way of enjoyment.

Face it guys, if the best thing you can make is reservations, then swing by the store and splurge for The Margarita King. When you pop that cork, don’t forget to let it trickle over some crushed ice in your coolest, most festive fun glasses and pretend for a moment that you’re a celebrity!

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  1. michelle says:

    Yes–you make the “margarita drink mix ” sound quite inviting. I saw the web page for the MARGARITA KING. Looks like a party to me !!!

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