Is Your Child Born with a Silver Spoon in His Mouth?


Now you do not need to ask yourself, if your child was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, because now you can gift them with one. Sounds exciting definitely. How you would long to see your child being pampered and brought up in ultimate luxury. This is an attempt from Christofle for Vivre to design a unique and exclusive spoon made of Pink Sapphire Sterling.

Make his first baby shower the most memorable one with one of these sterling silver spoons. This is a gift your little one will cherish for ever. To add to the charm of this elegant and pricey spoon, there is a pink sapphire engraved at its handle. This makes it all the more a precious possession for ages to come.

You can be the proud owner of one such shining Pink Sapphire Sterling Baby Spoon worth $950. In fact, if you have a boy child then this same spoon comes with a blue sapphire and if you want the most pricey one with a diamond engraved on it then you have to pay $1,230.


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