Ina Garten Da Vida: The Barefoot Contessa At Home Recipe Book

I was fortunate to meet The Barefoot Contessa Friday night in Corte Madera, about 15 minutes north of San Francisco, with three generations of her fans: my wife, daughter, mother and brother. (But I’m such a literal person, I looked under the table and saw she was wearing shoes.)

The occasion was a meet-and-greet signing event at Book Passage, The Bay Area’s Liveliest Bookstore, for her recently published “Barefoot Contessa at Home: Everyday Recipes You’ll Make Over and Over Again.

Star of the Food Network, Ms. Garten’s latest cook book offers nearly 100 simple yet innovative recipes that appeal to the entire spectrum of cooks, from novice to advanced.

125 full-color photos.
Hardbound, $35.00
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