If The Spirit Moves You: Wine Lovers Tours, Connecticut

If you’re tired of paying tasting fees for Napa wineries and missed your chance to stomp grapes on the Finger Lakes Wine Road, here are some opportunities for food and wine travel: Vin Marottoli’s Tours for Wine Lovers of New Haven, Connecticut, announces its 2007 Wine Lovers trips to South America and Europe for enthusiasts of wine and spirits:

• March 10-15 — Peru: The Land of The Incas and Pisco, $1,799 US per person;
• March 16-23 — Chile –– World Class Wines for All Tastes and Budgets, $2,149 US per person;
• March 24-31 — Tango and Wine: The Magic of Argentina, $2,199 US per person;
• August 5-12 — Scotland: Land of Whiskey and Castles, $2,799 US per person; and
• Oct. 27 – Nov. 3 — Truffles and Wine: The Magic of Italy, $2,499 US per person.

Find out more by visiting www.vintagetours.com or calling 1.800.256.0141.

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