Horns of a Dilemma: Running of the Bulls, Pamplona

Love danger? Like to risk life and limb? Think it’s cool to be gored by a 2,000-lb. bull? Then the annual Running of the Bulls is definitely for you. It trots out on July 14 and will attract thousands of death-defying visitors, just like Billy Crystal and his buddies in “City Slickers.” While many watch, only the bravest of the brave –– the ones with the biggest “cajones” –– actually run through the walled-off route, finishing in the town’s ancient bull ring.

Most men wear the traditional white pants and shirts with the “Hey Señor Bull, I’m wearing a big stupid ass kick me” red banner. Or you can simply short-cut the process and wear a red cross on your shirt so the ambulance can find you more easily. But running with the bulls isn’t enough for some. They must actually tap or touch the charging bull on both the head and the tail with a rolled-up newspaper for bragging rights in the local bars.

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