Ho Ho Ho-ing it in NYC over the holidays:: girlfriend getaway eateries, pt 3

Smorgas Chef
This hidden gem recently appeared inside the contemporary art-filled Scandinavia House in Murray Hill. The bright, open, Ikea-ish space is filled with a kaleidoscope of colorful plastic chairs, flowers, lanterns, even a big white tree plunked right in the middle of the dining area. Fun, lively and festive year-round, it’s a go-to choice when looking for someplace different to take anyone from your persnickety boss to your visiting auntie.

If you can’t decide between the authentic Swedish Meatballs with Lingonberries or the silky house-cured Gravlaks, and you wouldn’t mind just a bite of the pickled herring,no prob, the Smogas Board plate offers them all. Not that hungry? Opt for the pretty (and tasty) Coldwater Shrimp Salad. After nibbling on some buttery cookies (and since they don’t close between lunch and dinner) I decided that this would make a great Tea-time spot. Save time for a mini-shopping spree at the gift shop with a nicely curated selection of sweaters, clogs, specialty foods, vases, etc.

Please continue for more choices;

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