A trip to Italy you will always cherish


Are you looking forward to a trip in Italy? Then you can book the Presidential Suite at Hotel Cala Di Volpe situated in the most uptown area of Costa Smeralda. The suite spreads over 250 square meters on multiple levels and is completed with an outdoor swimming pool in the terrace. The suite is decorated very carefully with local artwork, hand painted armoires and tables, ceramic tiles and window arches. The suite comes with two spacious living rooms adorned with beautiful tapestry and paintings. It is equipped with all the modern technological gadgets. There are three bedrooms in the suite each having large size beds, the frames of which are matched with the artwork and flooring. Embroidered bed sheets display the local art. Each bedroom is attached with a luxurious bathroom having a whirlpool and a tub, separate shower area, dual vanity mirrors, and wall tiles which are hand painted. The main bedroom reflects a theme of harlequin design. There are balconies to every room which are also adorned with patio furniture. A wine cellar is also a priced possession of the suite. There is also a fitness area and a steam room in this massive suite.

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