Historical furniture to give you a royal accommodation at Tower Lodge


Located in the northern part of Sydney in the famous Hunter Valley wine region, the Tower Lodge welcomes its guests to explore its every corner while getting the taste of vintage wines. As guests climb up to the top of the tower, they enjoy a peerless view of the spectacular surrounding private area and the beauty of the extended landscape of the wine region. A dozen exquisite rooms decorated in a lavish and elegant style wait to pamper the guests with upscale luxury and comfort in a serene environment. The quietness and beauty of the interior courtyard is the best destination where guests can relax and enjoy the calmness of the area. The Chairman Suite is designed in a royal style with its own tower and viewing platform. The elegance of the bedroom is enhanced by the 300 year old antique and king sized bed from Rajasthani royalty and an opulent Louis chair and writing desk.

Via www.towerlodge.com.au

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