200 and Counting: Hans Christian Andersen & Vagablond

Anyone who has read “The Little Mermaid”, viewed the statue in Copenhagen, or seen the Disney animated classic knows that Hans Christian Andersen is deeply loved by the Danes. To celebrate his 200th birthday, a parade on September 3rd through the capital city will pay tribute to him and his literary characters.

We’d also like to tip our hats to Vagablond’s dedicated contributors on the occasion of our 200th blog. If you have something to share about fashionable travel, please write it and we’ll publish it. Or let us know and we’ll write about it for you.

Back to Hans… There will be 20 floats or groups of participants for the parade. For more info, visit www.woco.dk.

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  1. Beth Daniels says:

    I always enjoy reading your blog. Here’s to your next 200 posts.

  2. Beth:
    Thank you so much for your praise of Vagablond. We appreciate your interest in our blogs and our mission to spread the word about fashionable travel. Please tell your friends about what we’re doing so we can all celebrate the next 200 posts with a larger community.
    Best regards,

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