Herman, Michelin starred gastronomic wonder in Copenhagen


Among the Michelin starred gastronomic wonders, Herman is a sparkling name situated in the heart of the beautiful city of Copenhagen. This restaurant is a part of The Nimb Hotel in front of the historical Tivoli Gardens. Since 2008, Thomas Herman, the chief chef of this dining house has been serving authentic delicious Danish dishes prepared in a French style to satisfy the taste buds of many gourmets. A 6 course menu is offered in the evening which includes some of the best preparations of this elite dining house. Besides the awesome taste of all the preparations, their items excel in the culinary arts. For a diner who is going there for the first time to savor mouthwatering Danish preparations should never miss the taste of ‘Grilled pigeons and beetroot’ and ‘Salad of North Sea turbot with pickled celery’ which are the gems on the menu. Mashed potato served with prosaic bacon is another popular item served here.

Via www.tivoli.dk

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