Beef, beef, beef and only beef at the Old Homestead Steakhouse


Only four specialized food groups are available at Old Homestead Steakhouse, situated in the centre of the colorful, entertaining and culturally developed zone of Manhattan. The four groups are beef, beef, beef and beef. Since 1868, this heritage dining hub opened its doors to diners who love to satisfy their taste buds with different culinary preparations of beef along with other delicious dishes. With time, the surrounding landscape of this restaurant has changed a lot, but this legendary food hub still maintains its commitment to its specialized beef preparations. The chefs of this restaurant maintain a strong relationship with the butchers so that their kitchen gets the best pieces of beef for their exclusive preparations. Besides, normal beef and Kobe beef – whatever, a diner craves for, the chefs here also offer seafood and fish preparations with lobsters, salmon and crabs. For its wide range of awesome dishes, this restaurant won the Wine Spectator Award in 2006.


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