Great Barrier Reef welcomes you at Angsana Great Barrier Reef


The only resort in Palm Cove of Queensland, Angsana Great Barrier Reef is located along the shore of the Coral Sea and the doorsteps of the resort are swayed away by the beauty of the longest coral reef in the world. The stunning natural beauty of the surrounding wins the heart of the guests and welcomes them to this tranquil village atmosphere with gracious hospitality. The cool sea breeze through the oldest rainforest of this blue planet brings the natural essence for guests to rejuvenate their bodies and souls. The resort features 67 spacious and lavish suites to accommodate guests and pamper them with an uncompromising touch of luxury and comfort. The suites are decorated with drapes of Thai silk which gives a gorgeous appearance to the interior. The glass doors open into the expansive patios to offer the guests the pristine beauty of the azure sea through the surrounding tropical landscape.


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