Enjoy You Yacht Vacation at one of the Luxurious Marinas

Are you looking for an exotic place to moor your luxury yacht and spend an awesome vacation? Then, I feel, the Italian peninsula will offer you the most expensive and luxurious options. Here you will find most expensive marinas of the entire world.

Capri is the place that ranked at the top of the Wealth Bulletin list as the most expensive marina. In this decade of economic slowdown, when people are selling off their luxury yachts, this place has maintained its position. At an average, this place will charge you the highest mooring prices for your luxury yacht. To keep your luxury yacht there it will cost you around US $ 3,910 and around € 2,900 for a night.

This will certainly raise eyebrows. However, people who can keep a luxury yacht of 24 meters or 78 feet worth a few million dollars, can easily afford to pay these charges.

Via: Most Expensive

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