Turn your waistband into one-size fits all!


How many times have you boarded a plane, looking all good in your tight-fitting jeans, only to reach your destination many hours later, bloated beyond belief on salted peanuts and booze, without a chance in hell of being able to button your waistband?

Duh da duh ( trumpet blare)…it’s Instant Button® to the rescue.

Thankfully, this magical button requires no dressmaking skills (snaps on in a second and just as easy to remove when de-bloated) and gives you a up to a blessed 1 1/2 inches of extra girth and no one’s any the wiser. This reusable little marvel ($15 for a set of two) come in two different post lengths, so they can accommodate most any thickness of material. ( They also help eliminate bend-over-butt-gap for low-riders.)

If only all life’s problems could be fixed so easily.

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