Telegraph Hill Luxury Robes

dsc3451_1024x1024If you are looking for a special gift for pretty much anyone, look no further than one of the luxury robes offered by Telegraph Hill.

The robe I chose was the Chocolate Seersucker. It is made of 100% miccrofiber, and may be one of the most comfortable garments I have come across.

The microfiber was not only great feeling but was a very beautiful color.

The terry lining was the perfect feel without being too thick. The weight is heavy enough to cause it to drape nicely.

This is a perfect choice for anyone who dislikes the bulkiness of a total terrycloth robe, yet wants coverage and comfort.

They have a brilliant website that is very user friendly. If you are looking for a luxurious robe for an affordable price for yourself or as a gift you will not be disappointed.

Telegraph Hill Robes

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