Frankfurt to Rome, $19: Cheap Flights Changing The Rhythm of Europe

A flight from Dublin to Paris cost about $600 in the 1990s. Today, it goes for about $50 US, round- trip. That’s why, according to a Washington Post article, “growing numbers of Europeans are buying second homes in other countries because they can afford to travel to them frequently, creating building booms along seasides from Croatia to Portugal. Low airfares have also given rise to Euro commuters — the increasing numbers of people who work in one country and spend weekends with their families in another.”

This describes how a new wave of discounted air fares on carriers like Ryanair and easyJet — as low as bus travel — are changing “the rhythm of European life.” Some travel for stag parties. Some travel for city breaks, where four days are cheaper than one night on the town in London. Some travel for Euro-commuting. Some travel for good quality, affordable dental care in countries like Hungary. And many travel to their new second homes.


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