Fish & Chic: Restaurant Sollerod Kro, Copenhagen

Here’s a dispatch that hits the delicious mark via Denmark from one of our royal upscale readers, Lady Glyde:

“Copenhagen has a rich culinary tradition. It is not a surprise that fish is widely eaten in this quaint city surrounded by natural resources and contemporary cuisine.

“The chef at Soekkeroed celebrates natural flavours and preparations with a French flair. It was a poetic September day and we were expected at Sollerod Kro for dinner.

“This exquisite restaurant is just under thirty minutes by car from the city of Copenhagen and is situated in a smart neighbourhood with lush gardens. An oasis of tranquility and Scandinavian charm. Feast your eyes upon works of art while enchanting your palate at Sollerod Kro.

“We had the Froie gras “torchon” with preserved green strawberries and hazelnut as first course along with Sautern Pinot Gris ( 1997 ) Alsace. If your palate had retired for the evening then this delicate yet sensual dish would awaken your taste bud and prepare it for the dishes to follow.”

Posted by Gil Zeimer on January 26, 2007 in Food

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