Maison Boulud: The Legacy Of Deliciousness


To Build Maison Boulud, Chef Daniel Boulud could not have singled out a better setting for his first gastronomic venture outside the USA. Housed in Legation Quarters in Beijing, which formerly served as the US Embassy to the Qing Dynasty, the location was also used as a guesthouse by the Chinese government to receive visiting ambassadors.

Parisian architectural firm Gilles & Boissier has skillfully transformed the interiors of this place. The interiors resemble a grandiose manor that echoes the neo-classical style of Boulud’s eponymous flagship, Daniel in New York City and one worthy of compound’s splendid past.

In an expression of faith, Chef Daniel Boulud has “transplanted” his management team from his flagship in New York City to Beijing. This is not an act of expel but a mindful decision made in the acquaintance that Chef Boulud’s extraordinary standards can be upheld in the Far East. Executive Chef Brian Reimer brings with him more than three years of experience from his days at Daniel NYC. They have brought French culinary legacy from the Big Apple to the heart of Beijing.


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