Experience centuries old glamour and elegance along Miles River at the Inn at Perry Cabin


Centuries old elegance and charm still resides at the elegant colonial mansion, the Inn at Perry Cabin which is built on the eastern shore of Maryland, to accommodate guests in a generation-old atmosphere. The manor house is located on a waterfront location to offer an explicit rural lifestyle to its guests in a destination very close to the glamorous area of the city. The legendary retreat houses 78 highly decorated and exclusive guestrooms and suites to allow guests to enjoy their intimacy in total seclusion and privacy. Some of the havens are provided with separate fireplaces to provide ultimate comfort and coziness while guests enjoy the peerless beauty of the adjacent Miles River. The Master Waterview Suite is the most desired destination of the retreat where comfort and coziness exceed the needs of guests. The bedrooms are graced with king-sized beds made of real ostrich leather to offer a feather soft effect to the guests.

Via www.perrycabin.com

Posted by Bhavesh Bhatia on December 07, 2011 in Travel

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