Enjoy the Oceanic atmosphere at the steakhouse at 21 Oceanfront Restaurant


A grand elegance reflects from the century old McFaden Building where the spectacular 21 Oceanfront Restaurant is located, which is one of the best dining areas in Newport Beach. This is one of the favourite eateries for many meat lovers because this gastronomic enclave is famous for its delicious preparations of fresh seafood and solid juicy steaks. This is the only restaurant in Orange County which is situated in such a panoramic location. Diners are allowed to sit and relish the awesome cuisines here while enjoying a pleasant and romantic oceanfront dining experience.

Quality is the most important thing at this eating house. Starting from their attractive and chic interior decor with exclusive decorative items to match their Victorian style, quality is never compromised. Each and every item is prepared with utmost dedication using fresh and top quality ingredients. To enjoy a meal from this elegant restaurant, a diner has to spend only $130 to savor the delicious taste of the delicate cuisine here while enjoying an 1800 scenic beauty of the endless water body.

Via www.21oceanfront.com

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