Enjoy an Exotic Vacation on a Small Island Paradise!


Do you like to travel to distances far and wide? Do you have an urge to explore new holiday destinations? If so, then plan a visit to one of the most luxuriously exotic small towns in America – Fisher Island.

This island in Miami Dade County is one of the wealthiest areas of the country. The Census Bureau data show that the value of a median household on this island is more than $250,000. On this wonderful island, the average residential value is $1,766,928. Here’s a retreat in the true sense of the word; this exclusive island is completely inaccessible by road. You have to take a ferry or a private boat!

With a population of only 467, this exotic island offers a private holiday destination for many tourists and celebrities from around the world. This wealthy small town offers you inexplicable scenic beauty and extreme exclusivity!

Via: images.businessweek.com

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