Enjoy an Amazing Vacation in Musha Cay Private Island


Are you planning to spend your holiday in an exotic way? How about renting a secluded place such as a private island? If you have the inclination to spend a good deal of money, then a holiday in the private island is the best choice!

Musha Cay is actually a collection of four islands whose owner is David Copperfield, the famous magician. You will find these islands when you travel 85 miles in the southeast of Nassau in the Bahamas. This private island has a separate runway, so that celebrities can secretly as well as safely land there, and a resort with five houses. In this island, you can enjoy a number of activities like diving, gym, snorkeling, walking paths and wind surfing. You get the facility to have a sun bath in one of the gorgeous beaches of Musha.

On this island, there is a “Fountain of Youth” which cost $32,250 USD for a day for twelve people or fewer people.

Via: Weburbanist.com

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