Enjoy a Fine Dining Experience with Exclusive Sausage Rolls


There are different types of sausages available in the market and it is also hugely popular as a snack and filler item among sandwiches and rolls. Sausage rolls are popular European snack. In the Mayfair area in London, a popular restaurant Hibiscus produces these hugely popular sausage rolls. It is considered as the most expensive sausage rolls.

Celebrated chef, Claude Bosi is the creator of this dish to complement his another popular dish – Herefordshire suckling pig dish. After having a nice dinner of a slice of roast suckling pig, Irish sea urchin, kohlrabi and fondant sweet potato, the diner is presented with an exclusive and fine sausage roll made from the finest, acorn-fed pork and glazed with egg.

The roll is served with a mouthwatering brown sauce made with truffle jus, balsamic vinegar and almond oil. You can have this sausage for £20 or around US $33. Another expensive variation of this roll is serving it with champagne and truffles.

Via: Most-expensive.net

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