Luxury Takes Flight: Eos Airline

Business Week said it best, “Concorde may be dead, but luxury travel across the Atlantic is alive and well with the advent of Eos Airlines.” The magazine goes on to applaud its “business class services with a five-star hotel twist for passengers flying from New York’s JFK airport to London’s Stansted.�? You’d expect to pay five-star fares, and you do — at $6,500 unrestricted fare, each way.

But when you take a jet that could sit 220 people and you remove all but 48 seats, you’ve got a lot of interior space to work with. In fact, it’s 21 sq. ft. per person.

So each seat becomes basically a suite with a flat bed, working tables, on-demand entertainment, and other amenities, from “restaurant quality, gourmet meals�? to high-end wines and beverages. Plus, you can choose a five-course meal with separate servings per course or a quick-serve gourmet meal. It’s your choice — from the air fare to the fare.


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