Enjoy a Costly Boat Ride in the Snowy State of Alaska


The snowy state of Alaska has been visited by a multitude of visitors who are interested in enjoying the sights of dolphins, whales and the virgin scenery of this remote place. This influx of visitors has resulted in the increased popularity of cruise ships and other water based travel means.

You can travel by the Alaska Marine Highway System, which is a ferry route network for reaching various parts of villages and towns which are otherwise inaccessible by land. The best trip is the trip between Juneau and Sitka, which are encircled by the Tongass National Forest. On this cruise, visitors can spot sea otters, humpback whales and black bears about the coastline from the ferry. Luxurious cabins and drive-on options are available along with an exclusive cafeteria which sells Alaskan beer and local salmon, and has a heated solarium located outdoors. The cars here are available from $51 and the two-berth cabins start from $34, as well as suites at $500 a night.

Via: www.dailymail.co.uk

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