Emperador Temple Diamonds Watch – A fancied piece of Watch acts as Jewelry

Have you ever give a thought on how a ziggurat of diamonds will look on your watch? It will certainly make you the cynosure of all discussion! Piaget, in their latest collection of the Emperador style watch, successfully managed to incorporate diamonds.

It appears that there are around 1200 diamonds in the watch. Awesome right? The watchcase is designed like a “temple” in pyramid style. The case opens up twice; first, it will reveal a little hatch over a smaller mother-of-pearl and diamond watch face. The second time it opens up and shows the one-minute tourbillion and power reserve indicator. This amount of surface space has made it easier for a designer to fit so many diamonds and create Emperador Temple Diamonds watch.

Everybody fancies this watch whereas only a selected few can afford it. It comes into the range of $3.5 million. It can also be worn as a piece of jewelry.

Via: Luxist.com

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