Who is that Lady in Lady Dior?

Just a few weeks before, you may have chanced upon the latest advertisement by Christian Dior. Anyone who is a big fan of this designer house must have seen it. You cannot really afford to miss something that oozes off style and style and style. The advert was for the range of Lady Dior handbags. What were the main or the star attractions of the ad? It had Marion Cotillard Academy Award winning actress of French origin in it and the backdrop was the beautiful Eiffel Tower. Yes you could not miss that stylish patent Lady Dior purse, which was the center of the ad. The dramatic poses and the chic bag was prepared to make a fashion statement.

If you search online you can catch the photographs in which, you will find the fashion icon. The fashion house has now, also launched a very short and sweet film, which will provide you a peek-a-boo in to the behind the scene action.

Via luxuo.com

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