El Bulli: A Gastronomic Adventure


Regarded as one of the finest restaurants in the western world, El Billu, is a class of its own. Situated on the coast of Catalonia in Barcelona, this Michelin-rated place increases the magical touch. This fine dine restaurant specializes in astonishing gastronomic experiences. Not only the restaurant, you can also capture the breath-taking views of Barcelona from here.

The mix of Catalan and International cuisine here comes with an unexpected amalgamation of texture, taste, and temperature. The place will often leave one’s wits stunned. Celebrated Chef Fernando Adrià Acosta, delivers his work with his own class and uniqueness. The 30-course connoisseur menu is one of the unique features of this place.

With some eye-catching interiors and splendid ambience, this place is a paradise for any food lover. The noticeable thing, which needs to be in mind, is that this diner’s paradise is open only from April to October. The rest six months are spend on cooking experiments for the coming year.

Via: luxury-insider.com

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