Experience a grand meal 5 meters below sea level at Ithaa


After tasting various preparations in different restaurants all across the world, this is the time for diners to get immersed in the turquoise blue Indian Ocean to reach the world’s first undersea restaurant, Ithaa in the Maldives, which is situated 5 meters below sea level. The entire restaurant is made of glass which offers an 1800 view of the sea water and its marine life. It is like an adventure for diners who sit here to savor the awesome preparations that are served here. During the daytime, diners love to relax here while having their lunch as they enjoy the pristine beauty of the bright sunshine reaching the marine world refracted through the blue sea water.

Fourteen guests can be accommodated here at a time to enjoy an underwater lunch or dinner. A 23 course meal is offered to diners which includes western preparations with a touch of Maldivian taste.  For a delicious meal in a spectacular interior surrounded by corals, sharks, fishes and sea water, a diner has to shell out $300 to make this tasty experience the memory of a lifetime.

Via www.maldivedigest.com

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