El Amparo; affordable for your pocket and luxurious for your stomach


Spain is home to various elegant gastronomic centers and so most diners gather here to relish authentic Spanish preparations. El Amparo is one of those enclaves in Madrid which is situated along cascading vineyards near the patio of an ancient corrala. This three tier restaurant is a wooden building with a luxurious and decorative interior flooded with rich chandeliers and exclusive dining tables. Diners remain spellbound with the taste and hospitality offered by the waiters at this dining hub. Some of the mouthwatering preparations of this eatery include their roast preparation of suckling pig decorated with quince and slices of apple, honey dipped crayfish covered with cheese and rosemary. As diners complete their main course, a special Spanish dessert awaits them to make their meal a complete one. This standout dessert is prepared with a caramel loaded brioche decorated with plums which are marinated in coffee cream and red wine to give an awesome taste which will linger in the taste buds of diners for a long time.

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