Eigensinn Farm Brings to Your Doorstep the Gastronomical Pleasures Away from the City Life (Part I)


Located amidst the natural beauty of a farmhouse, chef Michael Stadtländer’s Eigensinn Farm stands steady with its head held high as one of the most expensive restaurants worldwide. With $213 at your disposal, there’s no end to the gourmet delights that you can enjoy.

The fancy, yet classy décor of the restaurant offers an ever-inviting vibe to the guests. An evening with your family and relatives will be a great experience with Eigensinn Farm and your loved ones will consider this outing to be a memorable one.

Imagine savoring the lip smacking delicacies at an exclusive candle light dinner at their exquisite ‘candlelit dinner room’ with classy linen table covers and best of the cutleries.

Pan Fry with lemon-Pernod dressing and garnishing with butter and yellow fennel flowers makes a sumptuous delicacy for a date. Eigensinn Farm signifies luxury dining in style and sophistication perfectly as you get to enjoy a variety of mouthwatering delectable dishes.

Via: Toronto Life

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